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Mobile DJ's are not created equal. Look closely at buisness practices and reputation.

by Tom Soccocio, Jr. on 03/31/12

The mobile DJ industry had become more sophisticated over the past 20 years.  In the days of turntables and homemade speakers, you often found radio broadcast professionals or frustrated musicians starting disc jockey businesses.  This has changed dramatically since DJ's have been accepted by consumers worldwide to be the leading entertainment choice for wedding receptions, school functions, corporate events, and any number of special events large and small.  So where do the current mobile DJ's come from?  What is their background?  Where did they learn about music selection and live entertainment?  Where did they get their experience with audio equipment from?  Where did they get their business experience from?  After 30 years in the music entertainment business I can say with confidence that it takes more than a tuxedo, fancy logo and wireless microphone to entertain and “please” a crowd of people.  I am writing about this because in recent weeks we have heard more than a dozen horror stories from prospective clients about DJ companies they have hired in the past.  So dig deep when looking for DJ entertainment.  Ask uncomfortable questions and don't be distracted by superficial claims.  Look at how the business is run, their location, and their authentic experience.  The DJ equipment business is booming.  But there is a large amount of modern equipment that is less than professional but looks nice and shiny.  I am reminded of the “all in one” screw driver I bought at one of the big box stores.  It claimed to be “professional grade”.  The tip snapped off the first time I tried to open a paint can.  Be sure your DJ Company has the proper professional tools to get the job done correctly with back-up equipment on standby.

And keep in the back of your mind that all mobile DJ's are not created equal.

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